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Getting Started

Step 1: Orientation and Application

Interested in learning more about a domestic or intercountry adoption?

Contact us by sending an email at the address provided on our Contact Page. We will be happy to schedule an orientation with you. Upon the completion of orientation you will need to complete an Adoption Application. A copy of our Application can be found here.

Step 2: How does the adoption process work?

In either a domestic or international adoption, one of the first things an adoptive family must complete is an adoption home study. During this process, we will help you think about and determine which adoption program is right for you. The home study is not just an inspection of your home, but it is a chance for our social service worker to get to know your family: your history and relationships, your interests, your strengths and your struggles, so that a formal Home Study can be written and presented to the birth parents or officials in the country where you will be adopting from. This allows birthparents or foreign officials to know the family is approved to adopt a child and allows them to learn more about the family and the home in which their child will live. 

The home study will require the following:

  • Several meetings between the social services worker and the adoptive family, at least one occurring in the home of the family.
  • An inspection of the home, to determine any safety issues and also size & appropriateness for child.
  • Fingerprints and background checks of all adult members of the home.
  • At least three references from unrelated people.
  • Current medical examinations of all members of the household.
  • And the most fun and exciting part, a lot of discussion about why the parents are choosing to adopt, what characteristics they feel they are equipped to handle, how to prepare themselves for things like bonding and attachment and other normal adoption issues that you will face as adoptive parents. And how nurture a child’s cultural connections.

Step 3: Paying for Adoption

The cost of adoption varies due to the type of adoption and, in the case of an international adoption, the country from which the child is being adopted. It is important to know that upon completion of your adoption, most families will qualify for a federal adoption tax credit of up to $13,460.001 for each child adopted. The federal option tax credit allows many families to recoup some or all of their adoption expenses. There are also many other resources designed to help assist families with the cost of adoption. For some of these resources and ideas, visit our resources page.


Domestic Adoption:

  • Agency Fee:  $5,000
  • Adoption Home Study:  $2,500
  • Birth Parent Counseling:  $500
  • Third-Party Fees:  $200 – $3,0003
  • Post-Adoption Fees:  $500 – $750
  • Estimated Total Fees:  $8,700 – $11,750

International Adoption:

Fees vary by country, please contact us for information on international adoption fees. 

1$13,460.00 is the allowable adoption tax credit for 2014.

2These totals are only an estimate, each adoption is unique and fees will vary. All fees are subject to change and are non-refundable unless otherwise specified.

3This total is only an estimate. Each adoption will have at least $200 in court fees.

Domestic Adoption

International Adoption

A domestic adoption can occur in many different ways. Some adoptive parents work directly with their birthparents, others are assisted by a child placing agency and some adopt as stepparents, guardians and relatives. The 1:17 Center for Global Adoption can assist you in each of these possibilities.

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International Adoption

Domestic Adoption

There are millions of orphan children throughout the world. Each of these children are in need of a loving family and home. The requirements for adopting vary greatly by country. As a Hague accredited child placing agency, the 1:17 Center for Global Adoption can assist you in all issues related to international adoption.

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